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    Using Boolean attributes to select CI's

    markg Apprentice



      Is it possible to have a boolean attribute associated with a CI?


      We would like our Builders/Rooms set up as Configuration Items. When an Access Request is submitted, we would like it so the person only has to check some booleans on the windows, and then when saved or submitted the rooms associated with the checked boolean attributes link to the person.



      Just wondering if its possible really..






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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          Check you can do that.  You can add boolean attributes to any CI.  For the process piece you can also link/unlink CIs from people as part of a process.  So the process would look at the checkboxes and take the neceesary action.

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            markg Apprentice

            How would I go about doing this?


            In my head I have a lookup for each boolean with a calculation going 'if this is true then this equal suite 5'  then in the process it links all CI's kinda of thing. which could be fairly long.




            In process a lot of decisions in a line asking if this is true then link this CI


            Maybe the difficulty comes when I add that each room has a different approver..





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              dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

              Different approvers on rooms could be handled by having the approver on the CI and using a value type copy in the process and assign the process to that person for approval.  I'd look at using a task for this so you can fire off the tasks to the correct person as soon as you have reached that bit in the process.  Take a look at th New joiners process in the OOTB HR domain for exmaples on doing this sort of thing.


              One challenge will be what do you do when they have finished with the room as this will need to be unlinked at some point. 


              If you have't done something like this before and it needs doing promptly, I'd consider stumping up for someone (not me I'm too far away!) to come in and help you do this as there are good ways and not so good ways of designing processes in LD and the devil really is in the details.

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                markg Apprentice

                Ah cheers for that, I've just done our New Starter process which is based on the built in New Joiner, so that should be ok.


                On this subject I was going to have a start and finish date, and the process has a two stage close. On the finish date the CI's auto unlink and then the process would end. The end game plan for this entire process is actually for LANDesk Service Desk to modify our Access Controls Database and actually give and remove the access on the Request automatically, where as at the moment it's done by the receptionists who often forget.


                We cant get any consultation in until August, busy times apparently so I'll give it a go and see how I go. nothing like learning by fire