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    Blank subject causing error

    chrisjgill Apprentice

      We keep getting an email from an external source that has a blank subject line and its causing the inbound mail services to generate the following error within the Event Logs:


      Object reference not set to an instance of an object


      If I mark the email as read then the error stops (as the mail services no longer try to process that email)


      I have a template for the automatic logged calls that pre-fills the title field of the incident (which the subject line is mapped to) but this doesnt stop the problem.


      The mail services never mark the email as read so every 2 minutes, the same error appears in the logs


      I have also tried to set the sender to be ignored within the Mail settings in Console but this hasnt made a difference


      Is the only option to get the sender blocked from hitting our mailbox?



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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          Make sure the attribute on the template you are using allows the attribute to be overwritten.  (Select the attribute and check the properties).  Otherwise even though you might think LD should overwrite it because you have something in it, it doesn't always do that.  Of course if enough people report the issue with inbound email, it might eventually get fixed.

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            A simple solution is to set a default Title on Process.


            We were seeing the same errors being generated by emails with blank subjects, repeating everytime the service ran.  I just set the Default value for the Title attribute on Process to "(Subject Not Provided)", problem is solved.


            If an email Subject is included, it overrides the default... so, no-harm/no-foul.






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