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    Impact on LDMS of upgrading to Trusted SSL Certificates?




      I hope someone can help me please?


      We have a LanDesk implmentation which is happily ticking along. We have recently undergone a security audit which high-lighted the fact that the IIS server used by LanDesk is running self signed SSL certificate. The recommended action is to use trusted SSL Certificates.


      I'm afraid I don't have any experience with LanDesk. Can anybody offer any adivce on the impact of replacing the SSL certificate on the IIS Server please? Will LanDesk grind to a halt? I have read that LanDesk Core has an SSL certificate in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\Keys . This was not flagged as an issue. Therefore would it be ok/possible to have different SSL Certificates in the ISS server and the Core application?


      Thanks very much.


      -Ashley Smith-