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    Error when opening windows within Console


      The following error frequently occurs for 1 x user of the Service Desk console application when opening a new window (for example to raise a new incident)


      "Value was either too large or too small for int32"


      This occured with version 7.4 and now with 7.5 SP1


      To fix the problem, we end up running the following SQL script against the database:


      update tps_application_user_setting

      set tps_value = replace(cast(tps_value as nvarchar(max)), 'INF','0.71274961597542241')

      where tps_value like '%INF%'


      I know the problem is raised under the following article:




      However, is their a root cause to why this issue occurs in the first place and also why its only really affecting 1 x user?