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    Deploy Image Hangs in Provisioning

    rdittman Apprentice

      Currently having an issue that seems to be specific to one model. HP 6005. We imaged these successfully before upgrading from 9.0 SP3 to 9.5 but this is the first that we done since.


      The provisioning process stops at "Deploy_Image" and the downloading image window never opens.


      A similar issue happend the other day because a couple new Preferred Servers for a remote locations were created without specifying the IP Range.. as a result the Deploy Image action was checking these Preferred Servers.. it would eventually work but it would sit for a long time before launching the dowload image window. Fixing the Preferred Server IP address range fixed this.


      I've checked the preferredserver.dat file and everything looks good. I've compared just about every log with another model machine that is working but don't see any difference. I've hooked up 2 model HP 6005 machines and I get the same results. I've also tried a known working network cable.


      I've also disconnected the CD drive to avoid any drive mapping problems.


      I curently see the X drive mounted and the network location of the image which I can access.


      Any ideas on what could be causing this to hang at this point?