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    Provisioning: PXE won't auto boot




      Looking for some expertise in LanDesk imaging here. I recently followed this pdf http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-22507 even though I'm on Management Suite 9.5. Last week I followed the directions and used that template and left off with having problems mapping the image share. However, when I go back to it this week, I can't get the client to be imaged to even auto-boot the Win PE provisioning like it did last week. Does anyone have an idea why this could be or where I could begin to trace the problem? I don't see much in terms of logs between LanDesk and the PXE server.


      The PXE is on the same subnet as the client and is not the DHCP server. I add the client as a Bare Metal Server as per the instructions and then schedule the template as a task, dragging and dropping the client on to it. I start the task, wait until it says active, and then pxe boot the client. I know that the core server can see client because it fills in the IP information once the client boots up.


      When I manually select Win PE provisioning from the PXE menu the tool says that nothing has been scheduled for that client and to login in order to see available tasks.


      Any help is appreciated!




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          Make sure that you do not have multiple entries in inventory for the device mac address. You could create a simple query based on the mac to return all the devices that have that mac address. Delete the duplicates then schedule it to the unique device.


          Prov_schedule.exe.log will be helpful in that regard.