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    Bid Rewiew/Sales Process

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      I've been asked by our management to ask if anyone has used LANDesk Service Desk to create a Bid review and Sales process workflow?. Using it from lead generation through to implementation. They are interested to know if a OOTB LANDesk module was used or if one was cloned and created. They have asked what was your scope and what you have included...


      I've told them I'm fairly sure it would be possible, after all its all process driven.. but hey what do I know..


      Cheers for any info provided



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          Yes defintely possible, but you'll need to get them to be very specific about the functionality they are after.  If they want a full blown CRM system, this is quite hard to do complteley in LD.  e.g. think about how pipelining needs to be done, call backs, representing all the customer relationships within an arbitrary customer/prospect database, sending quotes, receiving orders, recording consutlancy used/purchased and so on.


          So get the spec first and then say yes!

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            They dont really know what they want to do, so a spec is a long long way off. but thanks for the info