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    filtering article list

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      I would like to filter KB article list by knowledge domains, to prepare for customer list of articles:

      My design is:

      - KB domains: Analyst, Enduser - contains articles for all customers, Customer1, Customer2... - contains articles specific to customers (i.e names, accounts...)

      Each customer is "member" of two KB domains: EndUser - general one and Customer... - specific one.


      The goal is to put on dashboard all articles from two domains. It is easy to filter articles by analyst/enduser as a static criteria, but is there a way to filter articles by "current knowledge domain name"?

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          If I remember right, you use rights at a role or group level to allow access to domains.


          Look under: Administration - Administration - Categories - Knowledge Management - Knowledge Domain Category


          The rights determine which of the domains can be seen by users.  The enduser that is available to everyone, no group is needed.  Anything not in a Knowledge domain is viewable by everyone.

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            Mariusz.Maniak Expert

            Ok, to assign customers to domains I'm using administration panel, and search works fine - customer 1 can see results from customer1 domain and enduser domain. But how to create one query to get list of articles from booth domain? Propably I'll prepare a dashboard with two lists: "general" KB and "specific" KB, because after few hours of fighting I don't think it is possible to do that in one query.

            Second idea is to create relation to customer in article, but this can be set only manually - copy rules and calculations cannot set this automatically, even if customer name and domain name are exactly the same. So KB manager have to set customer attribute manually before or after article acceptance, and this way it works - I can set query where conitions are: domain - enduser, customer - current group. But I'm sure there is a better way to achieve that

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              Use search.  Query not needed.  In Webaccess you use the search bar at the top of the screen.  In console there is a shortcut to the search capability.  You will not be happy with a query.

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                Mariusz.Maniak Expert

                Got it!


                After small modification calculation is working, so assignment to customer works fine.

                On dashbord are two queries: general one and specific one.

                I'm not happy with query, but enduser will be, because it is two click to find manual how to start webex, or where to bang when laptop won't start.