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    Second Web Server


      I currently have about 100 analysts, a single web server and a app server.  Pretty standard stuff for 7.3.1 when we started.  I have expanded the memory on the machine to 10GB and I have two 4Ghz processors.  My SQl server is a large clustered farm which I have no control over.  Service Desk runs a bit slow for console.  It's not horrible but I would not say I get instant responses.  At times it runs a bit slow.  I never see processor above  few percent and network spikes from time to time but generally it's far from capacity of my 1GB network.  Memory is the only thing that really seems to be maxed at all times.  I have a integrated and explicit framework for console and webacecss with the only real user of explicit being SA.  I have a framework for Mobile with just a few users on it.  Webaccess includes Employee Self Service so that can be many different users but generally its about 10 unique users a day so not huge traffic.  All users are in the inside of my network.


      I do my testing of new versions on a separate set of servers and my development on a third set of servers so none of that is on my production server.


      I have seen much about two web servers.  I have seen a lot about having additional instances on the same server.  I am looking for thoughts, suggestions, ideas on the need for a second web server and design transfer.  Personally I don't think I can make a case for a third server at this point but there is so much I don't know still or may not have thought about so bringing up this as a discussion to see what others are doing and why.

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          The app itself is mutlithreaded so it will make use of additional processors, but you'll never get lightning speed from Console.  WebDesk is the way to go for your analysts if they want something that is fast.  I'd forget everyhting else and focus on getting them to switch (if the functionality they need allows it)


          Our standard model for that outline config would be 3 servers.  A small app server as you have it, a web server for analysts and a small one for self service users each with a couple of processors plus a smuch memory as you can allocate.  This keeps the performance sensible for both population of users.


          With your current config there isn't much value (IMHO!) it putting more instances or applications on it as it will max out on memory.  Depending on numbers 10G doesn't sound enough.


          But you could consolidate DEV and TEST into one server using instances.  This works well as you are probably not often doing both development and testing at the same time.  OK LD would still advice more than one server, but unless you are putting a load onto TEST, then it will be fine.

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            Testing and development are stoically a 1 person thing so load is very small (as is processors and ram).  Never thought about putting Self Service on a different box.


            It would be easier and faster to move to web and kill console but we have had it so long.  Lots of complains about missing features (mostly in the dashboard).  We live off the dashboards and even have a giant screen TV for displaying today's charts.  It looks like crap on Webaccess.  We use Change a lot and the hard coded ability to add CI's to a Change isn't so good right now (7.5).  I have 300+ servers, try getting to the 30th, 150th, and the 200th to add to a Change.  No searching capability and they don't fall off the list once added which is huge when we add 200 servers to a Change for Microsoft updates.


            It's getting there and from the sounds of it I think there is a commitment from LANDesk to kind of finish what they started in Webaccess.  I think that is when we will move to WebAccess.  If we had to move we would, but it will be a lot easier when it is more feature complete like the console is.


            This was helpful feedback.  We all know Dave is always right but are there any other opinions, views, and suggestions.  What is everyone else doing?  I think repurposing one of my app servers for Self Service and probably Mobile just might be something I do.  Thanks.

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              Yes the devil is in the detail for WebDesk.  I've got some customers who used it from day one because it supplied all they needed (and more).  For other clients it's just way to hard for them to adopt, mostly because of CMDB and Change functionality.


              Anyway no doubts other thoughts from people will pop up here.