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    Inconsistent Managed Device Inventory Field Data


      At the moment, I'm running LDMS 9.5 managing two US locations.  All machines in one of the locations are on our domain and there are 250 machines of the other location that are not on our domain (yet).  I've created a query which displays fields for Qualified Login Name, Workgroup membership, LDAP Groups-Machine-DisplayName, Display Name which is redundant, pc Model, and last Hardware Scan Date.  The inconsistent data is for those machines which have scanned and reported back today that have no Workgroup or LDAP Group data (see screenshot). Visually, I am concluding that since the Login name is not a domain login, that the machine is not on the domain but this inconsistency will throw off data in my reports.  Of the total 622 machines reporting in this query 35 have no Workgroup or Name/DisplayName data.  And all but 2 of the 35 have the newest 9.5 Agent.  Any clues as to why/how these machines aren't reporting these fields?



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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          As you have just deployed the agent give it a day or so to settle and perform automatic inventory scans. You will find a few things settle after that.


          Workgroup is emtpy for those that are members of the directory, instead they will have entried in Domain.


          For those with LDAP Group data missing, it may be that at the time of the scan, the devices weren't truly connected to AD so this data could not be seen? Pick one or two fo the devices and try to understand their condition at the time of the scan. LANDesk can only report what it can see when the scanner runs.


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            Hi Mark, thanks for the reply.  These are not new agent deployments.  These agents have been on these machines for at least a month.  I have an Inventory (hardware) set to run at each login.  I'm unsure whether domain/workgroup would fall under hardware or software. Do you know?  So it should scan and write these fields at least once per day, no?

              And yes, i understand where machines that have the Workgroup empty and the LDAP Group/Display Name populated are machines that are part of the domain and vice versa.  The machines that show no Domain and no Workgroup consist of both XP and Win7 and those that are both attached and not attached to the domain.  The wall i'm hitting is how these variety of machines were scanned that same day, but not reporting this information.  This leads me to believe that i cannot trust the query output and LDDA reports requiring me to check each one therefore negating the scan then email feature in DA.