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    Maxing out at 10 connections to our WMS when using ConnectPro


      I've been playing 'it must be the other software's fault' with our Wavelink Vendor and WMS Vendor with regards to this issue.


      I've got 25 RF guns using Wavelink TelnetCE to connect to our WMS (which is running on Red Hat Linux).  The RF guns first login to the Linux Server (all using the same username/password), then login to the WMS (using different username/passwords).  If I don't go through a proxy server, everything works fine.


      Once I configure the RF guns to go through the ConnectPro Proxy Server (which is installed on the same server), I can see the 'Client Connections (active):' field slowly increase to 10, at which point when the 11th RF gun tries to connect, I get a 'connection error' message on the RF gun.


      I've looked at the iptables in linux, which had no entries, so nothing is limiting it there.  I disabled the iptables just in case there's some sort of default.  Made no difference.


      I've tried using different logins for logging into the Linux Server.  Made no difference.


      I cannot find anything anywhere that would be causing the ConnectPro software to max out at 10 connections.


      Does anyone have any other suggestions?