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    Wake on WAN causes console to crash


      Whenever I select a machine and attempt Wake on WAN with LDMS 9.5 my console crashes.


      I get a LANDesk Managment Suite box which says LANDesk Management Suite has stopped working


      Problem Details proivdes:

      Problem Event Name as CLR20r3

      Problem Signature01:     console.exe

      Problem Signature02:

      Problem Signature03:     506d6e91

      Problem Signature04:     LANDesk.ManagementSuite.WinConsole

      Problem Signature05:

      Problem Signature06:     508004a8

      Problem Signature07:     3a7

      Problem Signature08:     3b

      Problem Signature09:     System.DIINotFoundException



      anyone else seeing this or using WOW successfully?