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    Process Invalidates after Status added

    markg Apprentice



      In our Change process we check to see if the implementation date/time is less than 24 hours away. If the answer is yes then we class it as an emergency change and mark the Change as such. You can see the process in the image below..


      Change 1.JPG

      However its been decided that a reason must be given for why its an emergency change, so I changed the process as per the 2nd image. The process saves, but becomes invalid.




      Am I being an idiot and completely missing something simple here?





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          Have you checked the error log (tps-...-System.log) to see if there is a more detailed description of the failure generated when you saved the process?  If it's there, that might give you a direction to look in.


          (you might need to alter your tps.config to temporarily give more detailed logging, depending on what you already have set)