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    Reporting dashboard




      my boss just ask me to create a reporting dashboard for him where he wants to have an overview of the 'interesting information'.

      He is not really sure which information are important for him so it is on me to provide him something


      Does anyone use somethink like a reporting dashbaord?

      Which information do you provide for your managers and e.g. team leaders?


      Thanks in advance for ideas and hints



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          Hi Thomas,


          What are you using to gather your reports? We are using SQL Server Reporting Services.


          Our reporting dashboard contains the following -


          Incident Summary - Open, closed and raised over a rolling 30 day period

          Open Incidents

          Incidents await triage

          Open incients by status

          All incidents by Source

          Open Incidents by Severity

          Open Incidents by Category level1

          Open Incidents by analyst and by age

          Incidents resolved by analyst and by age.


          We also have a Management pack that is sent out to management whenever required.


          Hope this helps.