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    Category not being picked up


      I have this unusual problem with the category not being picked up when set:


      So we go, we want to start auditing our Self Service so a call is automatically opened and closed without human innervation, when the Self Service is used it generates an email to our service desk which automatically logs it, in the process I have a precondition hanging off the Open Status that looks in the Title field for a key word which is really long so we know the users will never use it




      If the precondition is met then I have two auto actions, the first one is to set the category to Applications - Self Service and then Close



      Automatic Process.jpg

      Inside the Automatic Process




      So the call logs and closes as it should but the category field does not get populated even tho its mandatory



      You can make out the yellow border as its looking for data, but not there


      I haven't set a mandatory category depth


      Has anyone got any ideas or seen this before?


      Any advice would be grateful

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          Hi Ashley


          Just checked in all my processes and any where I have an auto action that includes a category I have either an assignment or a status after it and the category holds for all of them.  Have you tried testing with something as a break between the 2 auto actions?  No idea if or why this might resolve it but worth a shot!



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            Tired adding an assignment in the process but no good, I was thinking it was a permissions problem but still nothing, think I will log a quick support call to get this resolved as its guaranteed they will know as I would like to roll this out pretty soon.


            I will post the solution on here for everyone to see once I know.

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              Hi Hewy06


              Finally got it resolved and I knew it would be something silly, the automatic action I was using to set the category had allow association with window set to False, as soon as I created a new action in Business Objects in process designer setting this to True it worked as great.