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      Does LANDesk have the capability to recognize the first time that a computer is turned on and connects to the LANDesk server?  I have an immediate requirement to setup a job for when a computer first comes online that LANDesk pushes down an encryption key to the system and then conduct an inventory.  I appreciate any and all feedback on this.


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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi John,


          I've moved your question from the Service Desk product line section to the LDMS section, hopefully someone will be able to assist.




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            BryanS Apprentice

            There isn't a function that specifically causes newly added systems to perform a task as far as I know but there's still a few ways you could accomplish this.  If this is something you want to happen as part of the agent installation, you can script additional activities into the agent install process.


            I've personally used this to set some configurations for our LANDesk Cloud Appliance.  This article was the source I used to guide me though that process --> http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1888


            The takeaway that I think would be helpful to you is that you can modify the ntstacfg.in# file to add commands to copy files to locations on the client and to run exe files with switches.  Doing your encryption key handling during agent install would mean that any new devices should get the change when you run the agent installation and insures inventory scan afterwards since the inventory scan is an integral part of the agent install.


            Another option would be to develop a query to target machines that need this change and use the query to populate a policy based task to run the job.  To accomplish this, I'd like to be able to query for machines that have run the job vs machines that have not.  If there's some value written to HKLM or a certain file that's written to the device, you can modify your inventory scan process to report the presence of that file or reg key and query for any machines that don't have it.  That query could target a task to run the job, which could contain a command to run inventory scan after completing the job, and the machines should disappear from the query as they complete, since they wouldn't be query results anymore.


            To suggest this, I'd be curious where you can look on the machine and determine that the encryption key is present (including a file or HKLM entry in inventory data is pretty simple so that's the way I'd prefer to look)

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