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    9.5 Sp1 and Vpro Experiences

    MrGadget Expert

      I have not upgraded to 9.5 SP1 yet but I read the document on it and it sounded like you have to unprovision and reprovision you vpro devices.

      Also it had dropped use with non-TLS.

      What are your experiences with using this version with existing provisioned non-TLS and TLS?

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          -we are in LD9.5 non-SP1 and all devices are vPro provisioned with Non-TLS option.
          -Now we are testing in our testing server LD9.5 SP1 to install LD agent in these devices already vPro provisioned, and the result is that the devices are vPro provisioned again, TLS option has changed, from Non-TLS to TLS, (this is better, all communications are encrypted and more secure).  If we want to use Web User Interface we have to surf https://ipdevice:16993 ..(and go to this site, no recommended) is not a issue. All the other vPro options in LD management console remains equal.
          -we don't need full-unprovision.


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            MrGadget Expert

            If i understand you other then Landesk switching the non-TLS provisioned computers to TLS there is no other issues.


            I still have a question then, I have spent 6 months going into the WEBUI on provisionioned computers turning off the ping does this switching over to TLS cause that checkbox to be checked again?

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              Actually, the zero-touch provisioning is not working. Automatic vPro provisioning does not work.


              Manual provisioning does work for our Lenovo models. It appears not to be working with HP computers.