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    Policy, Inventory Scans not going over LANDesk Gateway


      I have a test LANDesk 9.5 SP1 core setup and have posted the certificate to our LANDesk Cloud Services Appliance.


      The computer is able to do automatic gateway switching and I am able to connect to via LANDesk Gateway or HTML5 for remote control but Inventory Scans and Policies are not working over the LANDesk gateway.


      The computer has a broker certificate (I ran brokerconfig -R) and broker.crt, broker.cer and broker.key are present.


      broker.conf.xml is probably configured with public IP address and hostname of our LANDesk Gateway appliance.


      When I attempt to run an inventory scan or policy scan I get host not found. It doesnt appear to be switching to the LANDesk gatway for communication outside our network.


      Any ideas?

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