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    Two Questions




      I have two seperate questions pertaining to two different fields.


      1. During our review of a error tracking software we discovered an error


      Source: Diagnosis-PCW

      Event ID: 16


      Counter 0 of instance ({89e3df89-7a62-4d88-a544-1ef252e75124}, 9348_DefaultAppPoll, 0) could not be modified. Error: "The parameter is incorrect."


      Is this something to  be concerned of or is this just some logging information?


      2. While we are doing our CommVaults we notice that pds.exe fails to back up. During our research this file is linked to LANDesk. We found the file to be referenced in the registry "windows/system32/cba/pds.exe" but when we try to navigate to that location the folder doesnt exist. Is this a registry file we can just delete or do we just set a rule o ignore trying to back this file up?