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    How to add notes as attributes on notifications?



      We would like to add all notes attached to an incident and attachments (E.g. excel spreadsheet) as part of the resolution notification when an analyst resolves the incident.

      This is ultimately a resolution that provides the customer with a full trail of notifications. (All e-mails to 3rd parties, users etc. placed in sequence of events in the resolution e-mail to the customer)


      We can't use the self service portal to keep the e-mail trail as bulk of the customers do not want to use the self service. They prefer an e-mail with the trail of events (details).



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          If you really can't get the customer to use the self service, then you are going to have to carry out some quite significant design work on your system to achieve what you are looking to do. The nature of the way that data relating to a process is collected in Service Desk mean that each type of data (note, reminder, attachment etc) is stored in a different related table. This is the same for the resolution object as well. You will need to at least create a complex calculation that collates all of the collections together, or create a Crystal Report that can be attached to the outbound email which would also need a large amount of design done to it. In both these examples you would still not be able to add the actual attachments as they are stored in the database, so that would not be added. You may still also need to make some significant changes to the process design to ensure this gets close to what they think they want.


          To be honest I really don't understand why the customer wants to see every detail of the process (and I know you'll tell me), but that is why we have self service. In my opinion, if they are that desperate to see the information then they'll use self service to have a look. Adding a URL link in the email will take them there with one click.


          I will wait for helpful suggestions from other wise heads on the community, but I suspect we're all thinking the same thing!



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            If they prefer to have an email with all this lot in it then they probably are expressing that preference because they think the cost of providing it is 0.  The fact that there is a development cost might be something to draw to their attention.  (They still may not care!).  One of our clients withdrew the email service because of the cost of managing all those inbound emails.  The business approved that because of the cost savings (and they made extensive use of self service for process approvals as well).


            A calculation could be used to draw the various bits of text together.  Attachments will probably prove to be very hard without some form of systems integration work


            Hey I'm sure you have contacts with the team that did your origonal implementation and they could quote you for doing this work, or other partrners could do the same thing.  Just a heads up it isn't likely to be easy unless your design had this requirement built in from day 1.