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    Service Tags not Merging



      We recently set up our 9.5 Core with Data Analytics and with the help of LANDesk we were able to import our WASP inventory into LANDesk. The WASP inventory shows the service tags and the string used is Computer.System.Serial Number

      The issue we are having is that we now have moved over almost 1500 pc's from our old core after importing the wasp inventory and the devices are not merging. It is my understanding that when we installed an agent on a device it would then merge the WASP import and the device.


      For Example

      7-18-2013 12-41-18 AM.jpg7-18-2013 12-42-51 AM.jpg7-18-2013 12-43-40 AM.jpg


      Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advanced.