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    LANDesk pxe boot creates an inventory entry!


      I was testing some Bare Metal templates on 4 machines.  I deleted the Bare Metal intentory entries for my 4 machines and booted one of the from the NIC and pressed F8 to see the boot options.  I left it there and re-ran my query for my 4 MAC addresses.  Sure enough, there is a LANDesk entry with the MAC as the name.  Just wanted to share because I thought it was cool and never knew it did that!


      Anyone know how it does that?  Does the pxe rep send the inventory entry to the core?


      There is actually more data in the WinPE mini-scan than what that entry contained.  This entry only contains:


      Computer > Device ID

      Computer > Display Name

      Computer > ID

      Computer > Inventory Server

      Computer > Last Updated by Inventory Server

      Computer > Record Creation Date

      Computer > LANDesk Management > Proxy Host Name

      Computer > LANDesk Management > Proxy ID

      Computer > LANDesk Management > Proxy NIC Address

      Computer > Network > NIC Address

      Comptuer > Network > Pxeboot

      Computer > Network > TCPIP > Address (which lists