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    LANDesk 9.5 SP1 AV version

    dgaines Apprentice

      What is the version number of the Kerpasky 10 client that comes with Sp1?  On my test machines the version is not changing from the previous installed version of   Is that right?  We had major problems with that version pre sp1 and had hopes for better on the SP1 client.  Thanks

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          The about box should show version  The easiest way to deploy the new Kaspersky Endpoint Security is to select Agent Settings, Create a Task, Install/Update Security components, and select LANDesk AV.  The two most common causes of failure are rebooting the client too soon, and having incompatible software, such as conflicting Antivirus products.

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            Another think I forgot to mention, is that after upgrading to SP1, you should download the new Antivirus Pattern files from Kaspersky to your core.  The new AV definitions includes definitions for the MAC, and Version 10.1.  Also LANDesk will be releasing a Patch for 9.5 (No SP1) which will upgrade Kaspersky to  This is for those who don't want to upgrade to SP1.  Currently there are no patches released for,  while versions or has a series of patches released.  Some of the problems reported are rebooting the agent, while Kaspersky is self updating itself with new pattern files, that include patches A, B, C, and D.

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              dgaines Apprentice

              Fair enough, but I uninstalled the current landesk antivirus then ran the install from the core via scheduled task and got the same version.

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                dgaines Apprentice

                I also checked my definitions and they have been downloading correctly since the sp update.

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                  After upgrading your core to SP1, you should have a KavClient.cab file in the ldlogon directory.  This compressed file contains version  You can open the CAB file and check the version of the files.


                  This CAB is extracted, and the Kaspersky MSI is put in  \ldlogon\avclient\install\x32\setup - or \ldlogon\avclient\istall\x64\setup.   Files are named Keswin_x86.msi or Keswin_64.msi.  If you check the Properties of the files, they should be digitally signed by Kaspersky Lab on May 14, 2013. 


                  You will need all the files in the CAB file extracted.  You should check the SP1 install logs to see if there were any failures either with getting the CAB file or extracting it. 


                  One easier way might be to see if you got the MAC files.  There should also be a ldlogon\KAVMacClient.cab extracted to an \ldlogon\avclientmac directory.

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                    dgaines Apprentice

                    Those files are there but the digitial signiture on the 64 bit is January 23, 2013.   I will slog through the log, but the install didn't report any errors when I ran it interactively.

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                      dgaines Apprentice

                      Would you know the name of the log I need to look at?  Thanks

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                        Can you run one of the MSI's directly on a test machine and see what it installs? Just accept the prompts.  You can savely use a trial license.  The log files are under %programdata%\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Install\9.50\Log.  The file you want is named LANDesk Software 9.5,Service Pack 1.txt

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                          The line item in the log file that extracts the CAB file looks something like this:   



                          Executing command:i:\landeskinstall\9.50.0\sp1\159b-shipping\ld95-sp1-core\updates\1\image\vulscan.exe /unzip="C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\\ldlogon\KavClient.cab" /dest="C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\\ldlogon\AVClient\install"

                          Return code: 0 (HRESULT)


                          Of course your source file pathnames will differ.

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                            A little more precision on the location of the log file, just in case it isn't where I said.  It's the result fo %LOG_SIR%

                            %COMMON_APPDATA_DIR%=RegKeyValue,HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion\Explorer\Shell Folders\,Common AppData,REG_SZ



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                              dgaines Apprentice

                              The problem sees to be client related.  If I run the uninstall command from the 95 client the anti virus client is still loading.   Just another great hit that is the Landesk antivirus.

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                                dgaines Apprentice

                                When I run the installer on the machines I get an error that the KAV directory already exists.

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                                  dgaines Apprentice

                                  After totally removing the 9 version of the av client I was able to install the new version, but removal took booting to PE and using registry editor to remove the services and files.   I tried running the uninstall via scheduled task from the console and it left the client in place the first time it ran then it would complain about the ldav service being missing from then on.  uinstallwinclieint with and with out a force clean didn't work.  This has happend on all of my windows 7 test machines.

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                                    We run into the same thing if we install manually.  When the existing KAV 8 client is uninstalled, and the new KES 10 client will install.  However, running manually the KES 10 client would fail without setting new command lines. It states that the directory already exists, even though it's emply.  That's why we install it to ldclient\antivirus\KAV10 instead of the KAV directory.  Even though we removed KAV8, there are still files open in memory, and we want to reduce the number of reboots.

                                    If you want, I can find out what the command link on the MSIEXEC command is that installs it to the KAV10 directory.

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