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    Model Specific Drivers in a Provisioning Template

    jpozucek Apprentice

      We provision several different models of computers through provisioning templates and HII.  It seems that some models are not getting the correct drivers or are not installing at all.  Example:  We are provisonign a Dell E6330 laptopn that uses a USB 3.0 bus driver. I've download the install files, extracted them and put them in the Driver Repository and updated it. 


      When the template is complete and the image is installed the USB ports do not work.  I have to manually run the setup to install the files.  Is there a way to install model specific drivers in a template or force HII to find the correct files?





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          marcel Specialist

          Some Drivers dont support inf install. So they musst installed using a setup routine. In 9.5 SP1 there is an option to do this by wmi model. Pre 9.5 SP1 you could use copydrivers and then run a batch in your target os.

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            With USB 3.0 a new bus was created. Instead of being on the PCI bus it is on a new bus. Depending on the manufacturer, that bus can be defined differently.


            The reason HII doesn't add the usb drivers is because it cannot see the usb child devices because the bus does not have a driver loaded. You need to add the USB 3.0 drivers to WinPE. If you run Devcon.exe from Microsoft to view the hardware that WinPE can see you will only see the parent usb device. You will not see the child devices. HII will inject the driver for the parent device, but since it cannot see the children, it injects no driver. Once the parent driver is in WinPE, the child devices will be visible and HII will be able to add the drivers for the children.