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    Error in provisioning when deploying image


      I am getting an error when my image template starts. The template is able to delete the partitions, and map the imaging drive but it fails at deploying the image. I get the error message Deploying image action failed: [80001803h] Execute return: -1


      action index= 68071 type = partition


      Error:[80000000h]An unknown error occurred. If the probolem persists contact the landesk administrator


      I am using Image X as my image type. I have moved my image to one of our preferred servers as in LDMS 9.5 it has to be stored there for credentials.  Also redeployed my pxe server after all that but I am still getting the error message above.


      I have attached my xml file. Also i have attached a copy of the log file from the Provisioning folder.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

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          Tracy Expert

          If you are using imagex, I think you have to create the destination partitions and volumes first. I can see that you wipe the disk, but do not see that you are creating any partitions or volumes before running imagex.... I use imagew (which can restore to an unpartitioned disk), but I think imagex/dism cannot.



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            Review the deployimageactionhandler.log on the client in the windows\temp directory. This may point to a maptopreferrredserverhandler.log. That will give more insight into the failure.


            Most likely you are getting an authentication error because of the mapped drives. When you set the image type to imagex or imagew v2 in 9.5 t will automatically map a driver for you, so you no longer need that action. If it tries to map again, and uses a different user, windows will reject the authentication.

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              We just had to change passwords on our Image Deploy and now we are getting the following error. Using ImageW V2, with landesk 9.5.


              action index=15676 type = Deploy_Image


              error: [80001803H] The action failed.

              Execut result:

              return: -1



              I am using an account that has access to the image directory.  I am currently re keying the credintials.  Is there any other suggestions because once our template gets to this point windows is no longer on the machine.