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    Difficulty Deploying Office 2013 Standard


      I've built a new package to deploy Office 2013 Standard, but it isn't deploying correctly.


      We have an existing Office 2010 deployment package that works well, so I used it as a template for the 2013 package.  Just updated the .msp and the batch file to point at the new stuff.  I've attached a copy of the batch file I'm using to run it all.

      Basically it does the following...

      1. Unpack a .zip to C:\media\office2013win\
      2. Copy the .MSP to C:\media\office2013win\updates\
      3. Run setup.exe


      If I run the batch file manually, it does exactly what I expect it to.


      If I use LANDesk to deploy the batch file it will download all the files correctly, unpack things to C:\media\, and then just kind of hang there doing nothing.


      It appears that setup.exe, even with a .msp that's configured to run silently, isn't actually running completely silently.  Despite the .msp attempting to completely suppress the UI, I'm still getting a brief splashscreen when setup.exe kicks off.  This did not happen with 2010.  I'm guessing that setup.exe is still trying to run in some semi-interactive manner, which is causing issues since it is running as the LocalSystem account.

      I can confirm that the .msp is being processed, since the right options are installed with the right license key.  But it doesn't seem to be running completely silent.


      Has anyone else run into this issue?  Does anyone else have a working Office 2013 deployment package?  Is there something obvious I'm doing wrong?

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          I was able to resolve my issue.


          Looks like building a custom .msp with the OCT is not sufficient to do a truly-silent install.


          I had to build a config.xml file, and set the silent install options in there as well as in the .msp in order to make the install run completely silent.

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            That may / may not work if you are building a package to install Office 2013.  I have been tasked with installing Office 2013 on 219 machines within our Education environment.  One configuration for Teachers that includes Outlook and a similar version for students that excludes Outlook.  The first step in the process is to use OCT and build two different versions of MSP files.  Copy those to your distribution area on your core server.  Then use a Managed Script to deploy the software.


            Here is a copy of my script configured for our environment please omit or delete the items that do not apply to you.  Additionally I did not have to use a config.xml file








            FILE=http://<Your Core Server>/packages/OFC2013/<your MSP file Here>.MSP







            REMEXEC0=attrib.exe -r /s


            REMEXEC1=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /p="http://<Your Core Server>/packages/OFC2013/<your MSP file Here>.MSP" /dest="c:\install\MSO2013\updates\<Your MSP file here>.MSP" /lan=90 /wan=60



            Using this method I was able to deploy office 2013 Pro Plus w/SP1 without any logged in users.


            Hope this helps to anyone who is having this or a similar problem!

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              Has anybody seen this Failed error message installing Office 2013 Standard. "Unknown status code (0x756B,0:30059)  Return code 30059?

              I'm not sure what is causing my Office 2013 package to fail.