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    Updating a captured WinPE image?



      Okay so I'm new to LANDesk and within past two days I've learned how to capture an image using PXE. Now I'm wondering if there is a way to update that image that I've captured for example, the image that I captured didn't have microsoft SP3 and other microsoft/software updates. So if I restore it on other machines they wont have those patches as well! So does anyone know how to achive that? Is provisioning gonna work? Or there are other work arounds?









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          1. For Software,Driver and also massive Service Pack's you could use Provisioning, that is very flexible to handle.

          Best Known Method for Provisioning-Unanttanded Install LD88.pdf



          2. For the patch deployment you could use Patchmanager with auto-repair function after you deployed the Image to the machines.

          Best Known Methods Security and Patch Manager



          You could archive that also with the normal Os deployment for example with a Batch file which will install your software after the image process is done but I prefer provisioning to do that. The advantage is that you can easily change your template and that save your time in the end.


          Hope that helpfull



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            Thanks Gregor. The thing I don't understand is how does proviosioning will help me update my images? Do I update the templetes with lets says windows update/software updates and then deploy them? Or how does it achieve that task.









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              Hello Jassim,



              You actually change not the image, more the actions in the template. Let us say you use for a longer time a  provisioning template to deploy a captured Windows XP image + software A then after three month you get the information from your Boss that there is a newer version out from Software A and that you have to use this version from now on. Then just create a new Software distribution task for the newer software and change the software action in the template with the newer one.


              You do not need to open the image and apply changes,  all what you need with provisioning is to deploy a blank OS image, everything else is variable. I attached a basic template which you can import to have a better understanding.



              Hope that is helpful




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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                From an efficiency point of view, it might be easier to just re-do/update your image and include SP3 in it. Service Packs take forever and a day to install (I find), and it's best (in my opinion) to make this a one-off pain. If it takes - say - 30 minutes, and you deploy 10 images whereupon you install SP3, that's already 300 minute (or 5 hours) of time wasted.


                All depends on how many posts you need to image of course, but something like an OS service pack is definitely worth including in an image, once its passed your testing.


                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.