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    Image capture not working?






      I am having a problem when attempting to deploy an image.



      I have had this working last week but this week have come in and the imaging process has stopped working!!!



      The machine runs through the imaging process (i.e. gets an ip, loads the WinPE client, and loads the Image deployment menu - where I select the image I want to deploy) but after selecting the image does nothing?



      I have checked the path to the imaging application and it is valid. The accont being used to deploy the image also has the appropriate permissions in AD. The capture script is also not working.



      Any ideas? all the services, etc are running as expected on the PxE representative, etc.






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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          1 - Is there a "LANDesk Management Agent" on the Core?


          2 - It's possible that there's some networking problem from your client to the Core.


          3 - What you may want to try is to open up a console (on your PE'd machine) and run down the commands in the script - the ones starting with the line:




          and type the command-lines out from there - just to see if that side of things works. If that does, then there's a hiccup in the Client<->Core communication somehwere. Either the Core is not reaching the client when it needs to or vice versa.


          Let's see how this goes first.


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            The problem was caused by the 'Inventroy Server' service not running on the core server. Despite the status saying it had started upon a more thorough test it was found that the service was indeed not running. Restarted the service and now imaging is working again!!