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    Error code 1026 when deploying agent to Macs


      I have LDMS 9.5 w/o SP1 but with the mac patch MAC-2012-1206 - applied to the core.  I have rebuilt my agent configurations after the patch and even built a new Mac agent configuration.


      The Mac patch that I installed was found here:



      When I attempt to push the mac agent to a group of unmanaged Macs, I get failures across the board and the return code 1026.  The documentation on deploying the agents on the Mac side seems pretty light weight to me; the only helpful suggestion I found was here:




      It identifies Macs as having SSH enabled or disabled and suggest to update the Core's SCHEDULER account logon though I'm a little confused by the language of that recommendation:


      "To place agents on Macintosh devices that have Secure Shell (SSH) turned on, you must specify the SSH login credentials for the unmanaged Mac devices by selecting Configure > Services > Scheduler > Change Login from the Windows console. You can then use the same push-based agent deployment you would use for Windows devices."


      What does this do to my windows devices if I change the scheduler login credentials?  Is it okay to set a domain admin account in this part of the config and have it work for both platforms?


      According to this Apple support article:




      It describes how to login to the computer but I'm not sure how to align that credential syntax with what is in the Landesk Core Scheduler


      The instructions on the actual clients goes in a slightly different direction and is supplying unqiue local admin credentials, such as sshadministrator@clientIPaddress



      All of the Macs are identical hardware and running 10.8.? Mountain Lion; they are bound to our active directory as well and domain admins are supposed to have administrator access.