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    Can you link tasks with contingencies?



      I'm curious to know how I could take a couple of tasks and link them so that one won't run unless the other is successful.  For example, I have a request to perform an uninstall or an old version of an application and then an install of the new one.  This is the only way the upgrade can be completed.  I want to create two tasks and link them so that the new version won't install unless the old version was successfully removed.  In my experience using Altiris and SCCM, this was possible.  I can't find a way to do it in LANDesk.  Where might I look, if anywhere?  I'm running version


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          IMO You have several ways to do that:

          1. Create a custom vulnerability

          2. Use queries and policies

          3. Design a workflow (requires Process Manager, free for LDMS users)

          4. DB triggers

          5. SOAP scripts


          I always suggest to use custom vulnerabilities to perform software updates.

          You can define:

          - a detection logic: a PC is affected when an old version of the software is installed

          - two remediation actions: remove the old one, install the new one.


          In this way you can obtain in a few clicks the update status, schedule an update and/or autofix it.





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            Thanks Jary, this was helpful. I found that I could do the same thing using a dependent package in the main distribution package settings. It's a little redundant work in some scenarios, but it tested well.


            We aren't using Process Manager, but I'm really interested in checking it out.  Thanks again!