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    Capture Issues


      I am having issues with my capture image, I am currently using landesk 9.5.


      One of the problem seems to be unless I install the landesk agent it will fail and not create the WIM file. This then causes issue on deployment and when i push it out the agent doesnt seem to work and I have to reinstall the agent before Landesk will see it with an agent. 



      Also the old image we used seem to be able to push out to all our machines ok, Previous guy created the image.



      So I started recently building a new image basically was going to replace his old one.  I have to use his jobs to create the .wim and push it out as i can create my own without getting the below error. I copied his setup but cant save with out this error, The old ones also got this error when open them but they dont need to be saved




      My last issue sorry to throw it all out there but i created the image of a machine .WIM file, when i deploy it to the machines the old image worked on i get error


      Windowss could not complete the installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the installation.


      Hoep from a NOOBIE

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          If you select image type of other, you do have to specify the path to imagex. If you do not modify the upgraded template it should continue to work. Once you edit it however, you have to change the imagex action. If you review the deployimagehandler.log on the client it will give you more insight to why this is failing.


          Also, you should not have the agent installed. At this point in provisioning you are not in the OS anyways, so the installed agent doesn't apply.


          Did you update your pxe reps?