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    Issue with SLM report with expanded details


      I am running the SLM report with expanded details under the software compliance section in ERP


      I have computer groups set up.   Basically it is all the computers and software in each country


      For the groups I set up a few days ago all of the calcs are processing cleanly. 


      For the groups I set up just yesterday the report is coming out incorrectly.  In these cases installs = licenses borrowed exactly and there are 0 variances for each software title.  This is true even though I have not loaded any licenses for many of the line items that show license coverage for the installs (licenses borrowed).


      Is there a process that has to run each night to perform the calcs?   I have run the calculate function in SLM / Administration but that does not resolve the issue.





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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          The calculations with groups work only correct if you enter license information.



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            I have a similar issue with LDMS Ver 9.6.  Having creating a new Licensed Software rule and leaving it in place to run the overnight process, the end result is that SLM has the new product in the Discovered folder, but no license is created. (Thank you LANDesk for no longer creating endless zero value licenses)

            However, if an ERP SLM Compliance report is run, the new product shows as compliant through use of 'borrowed' licenses.  Now where would these 'borrowed' licenses be coming from as SLM has no licenses registered?  Looking at the specific product in SLM reports, correctly, 100% unlicensed copies found.

            This surely discredits the content of ERP SLM reports.