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    Add Assignment notification


      When an analysts clicks the 'Add Assignment' action, they are prompted to chose a group/analyst, check the 'notify assignee' box, enter title and details. This autogenerates an email which gets sent to the assignee. Where do i format this email ? Currently it just generates an email with the content of the 'Details' field, id like to add other information such as the ticket number, a clickable link etc..

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          In the Details field, you should be able to add "placeholders" for various attributes in the incident etc.  Right-click in the field, and you should be presented with a menu.


          The clickable link won't be an option here - but something like {$ApplicationSetting.ProcessApprover.WebAccessApproverURL$} should suffice, as long as this is set in your System Settings in console.

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            Hi Russ,


            Each instance of Add Assignment in your process allows you to enter/save some content and formatting for the Description (or Details) attribute as the instance data... This gets used as the body of your message, and the Title gets used as Subject.


            You may have to look at the Optional Action Instances on a status to find Add Assignment.


            I've actually avoided having to do this for all my Assignments by creating a standard calc for Title and Description... I've submitted as a doc when I read your post and will provide a link here as soon as it gets approved.







            Here is the link to that document.


            How to standardize Assignment notifications using calculations

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              We go a step further with notes.  I use a manual action for Add Note and only have a description and Notify user button.  The title always had "Note" in it so I removed Title as well.  I use a manual action for Add Note so I can test to see who added the note.  If the person adding the note is not the owner of the incident, I send the owner of the incident a copy of the note.

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                Same here (I assume you're talking about Reminders generated from Notes), notes from a Client automatically email the analyst, while an analyst adding notes has the option to email either/both of the Client or Assigned Analyst....


                For most of them I've setup a calc in the Instance Data instead of at the object level, only because Reminders tend to be a little different here or there in the process depending on circumstances.  Using the String.Format function as above, it allows for variable insertion of links to the process (not all our users have access to Self Service) and a variable signature.

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                  I also do the manual action for assignment followed by the automatic reminder, but i hid the notify user button and used decisions to trigger who gets an email after someone adds an assignment or note.


                  Also, on the reminder that follows the manual action for assignment or note, the checkboxes are confusing.  The checkbox labelled "notify assignee" does not mean email whomever was assigned the incident, it means email whomever is assigned the note, and in reality this means email whatever groups/role/user are in the fields at the bottom of the reminder.  I relabeled my "notify assignee" checkbox to "enable" and put it in a group box with the fields it actually functions with.


                  For example, I had to check "notify assignee" and put incident/currentassignment/user in the user field below to email the newly assigned analyst.


                  In my process, if the assignment user is null it emails the assigned group, else it emails the analyst and sends them a text message if they have that setup.


                  add note.PNG 

                  notify assignee.PNG

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                    Yes, those checkboxes are spurious...

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                      Nobody uses them so I took them off early and use process to get what I really want done.  Far more effective.