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    PXE Representative Deployment Password - LDMS 9.5


      LDMS Core recently upgraded from 8.8 to 9.5


      Attached are two PXE Rep scripts.


         1. PXE Representative Deployment


      This is the system default script.


      This loads the environment OK until I add a password. Please see line REMEXEC14 and REMEXEC16.

      The pxe environment will not load after these lines are added.


      PXE Error = PXE-M0F


      I have also tried to run PXEPasswordConfig.exe /pw=value on my PXE Rep. This also breaks it!


         2. PXE_REP_UK


      This was created using a new 'Build the secure PXE representative deployment scripts'


      This adds the password OK but the pxe environment will not load - issue with


      Windows Error = \Boot\BCD




      Are there password rules?


      Why does the new script (2) fail and look different?


      • The examples below have had the password values replaced with the value 'password'.
      • PXEPasswordConfig.exe.log looks OK? - Lots of 'succedd' lines. Last line = PXEPasswordConfig  :  leave  CPXEPasswordConfigApp::InitInstance()