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    Displaying different windows on entry to a process




      hope you can help.


      I've been asked to investigate there is a workaround to enable us to display different windows when entering the same process.


      We would like to spilt 'Create a new change record' into 3 separate links 'Create change type 1', 'Create change type 2' etc.


      We would like to display different windows on initial entry to the same process and use templates to prepopulate some attributes (which is easy enough).


      I'm aware of the limitations of window rules and I've looked at using actions at the start of the process to present the user with the above options.


      I've also looked at using 3 different process to capture the 3 options and then reinitialising to the main process when that record is saved.


      Has anyone found a better solution for this in the past?


      Many thanks in advance,