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    Trouble Generating a CSR




      I am trying to create a CSR on the gateway but I keep getting a Error 500


      "The website encountered an error while retrievinghttps://<<corename>>/gsb/ldmgcerts.php/gsb/ldmgcerts.php. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly."


      Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong??? I tried adding any alternate names in the additional host section in Gateway Management but that didnt seem to help...

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          cwarren SupportEmployee

          There is a known issue with the EE_Cert patch from the gateway that when not installed first, it can fail to apply properly and will throw this error I believe.


          As far as I  am aware, the workaround is to reset to factory, then install the patches again making sure you install the EE_Cert patch first.


          There may be a way to just re-apply this patch, but you may need to open a ticket with support and see if they have a way to do this.

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            I just ran into the same issue. Is there a way to get this CC_cert patch reapplied so that I can create a CSR?