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    2 of 7 users unable to see online devices


      We upgraded to LANDesk 9.5 back in May this year and everything has been going well up until about 4-6 weeks ago.


      I now have 2 of my LANDesk Administrator users that are unable to perform the 'right-click' functions on any devices in the database. The question mark appears for a fraction of a second then disappears and nothing else happens. They are unable to remote control unless they manually run isscntr.exe.


      What I have noticed is if one of these users logs on to the core server with my domain credentials, then logs on to LANDesk using their domain credentials, it works fine. It is all very strange to me. We have not made any configuratuion changes recently.


      These users can still run scheduled tasks and the like without any problem, it just seems to be the device scans that fail.


      I have spent ages trawling through the user community but no one else seems to be having this problem.


      Any ideas would be great.