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    problem with Variables in COPY FILE action


      I am working within the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section of provisioning on LDMS 9.5 unpatched.  I need a FILE COPY action to run as one of the last steps in provisioning.  The file that I want to copy to the local disk is a .TBI backup of the original image which was written to a network share early in provisioning.  I am using a variable for the .TBI that is created:




      when I enter this same variable in the SOURCE PATH & FILE NAME part of the provisioning action, I get the following error message:


      "The source path and file name is blank or invalid.  Type a valid source path and file name."


      If I hard-code the initial part of the string and include the variable at the end like this:




      it seems to work.



      I was under the assumption that support for variables was universal, but I guess not.  Is there any documentation of where variables don't work?