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    Create Bootable WinPE CD for Using OSD Script


      I was told by LANDesk Support that the community could possibly provide information on creating a WinPE CD for deploying an OSD script.  This would be the equivalent of selecting the WinPE Menu (PXE Boot Menu) as opposed to the WinPE Provisioning Menu when you F8 off of a PXE boot.  I did see this post:




      But it is a bit convoluted and the guy mentions using BartPE and using n2menu in place of peshell.exe and so on.  These are external components and do you really need to use a 3rd party app to accomplish this?  I'm still searching the community to see if there's a better post or document out there but if someone has already accomplished this, or knows how to accomplish this, please reply to this post.  Thanks everyone!