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    what should I use (SQL Express 2005 from landesk, SQL SERVER 2005, or may be Oracle)



      Well I have 450 clients with more than 95% of the clients using XP.



      For now we are just using "remote control", "Inventory scan" "Reporting" "Software Distribution" NB we have a gateway server too



      well I am planning a big upgrade ( thinking of doing a side by side or building new server with a new computer name and deploying the new agent using the old server).



      I wanna build a new one but my boss does not want  I hate upgrades on servers I never built,  well I will deal with him.






      to the point to the point well,




      we are planning to use  "Lenovo TVT" (we are 99.9% lenovo) , "Monitoring and Alerting" "OS Deployment / Provisioning; OSD"



      Security Management ( "Antispyware", "Host Intrusion Prevention", "Security and Patch Bulletins" "Patch Manager" (we're gonna get the most for this)



      and server manager too in the near future.



      well do we need a more power SQL server for all this?






      NB: we are planning to use 6 prefered (pxe also) servers for each country/office, (believe me or not the core server and gateway server is stored in a datacentre) and 5 IT users using the console in one of the headoffice and me the admin of this power system.






      Well to remind you of my questions,



      1 -> ?:| should I use a more powerful SQL server or I can use SQL server? ?:|  my boss wants sql express on the same server, the defaultX-( 



      2 -> ?:|should I separate the core server and the SQL server? ?:|