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    Push 32 bit console in template




      I've been tasked with creating a few new image templates for our Help Desk.  It's a fairly basic template, with a bunch of apps all pre-configured.  The HD boss wants her users to have the v9.5 32-bit full console installed as well as part of the template process.  Previously, we would just provision the machines, then add the console and remote viewer post-install, one machine at a time.


      Is it possible to have the 32-bit console be included in the template, and what would be any required switches for a silent install?



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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Yes, from the unpacked LANDesk source, just run setup.exe with a /s. Or use /? for all possible parameters. Same goes for service packs that need to be installed after the main program.



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            Hi Frank,


            Thanks for the assistance and answer.


            cheers, rs

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              Hi Frank,


              I had a batch file with the command to kick off the installation with a silent switch, but the template keeps failing out at that point.  At first we got a bad credentials error, even though the account used for provisioning has access to the core.  We tried sharing and mapping the drive in a step prior to pre-establish the access, but it still failed.  Then we copied the install folder to our software server share to eliminate permissions, but it still fails.  It only gives the external status of 1, and an internal status of -2147479552.  The syntax of the batch is below:


              @ echo on

              \\my server\software\landesk\remote console files\install\setup.exe /s CORE=my core




              What I find to be strange, is that even with the echo on and a pause statement to hold the window post-install, it still never shows the command window and any messages of failure.  But if I run that batch file locally from the provisioning account, it works fine.


              I also tried changing from a batch file, to running the setup.exe directly through LD, and adding the command-line options, and it still failed, same error statuses.


              Any ideas or suggestions?


              Thx, rs



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                I created a batch file package to install LDMS which I added to one of our templates, but I wrote it like this:


                @ echo on

                "\\my server\software\landesk\remote console files\install\setup.exe" /s Product=RemoteConsole Language=ENU CORE=my core

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                  So this has been resolved, with some tweaking.


                  The batch file method Frank suggested did indeed work.  The reason the first batch test kept failing was a simple syntax error, a typo in the server name.  Amazing what little things can hide so neatly in code, that will bring your command to a halt.


                  So the final batch file being used and working looks like this, which is similar to Slapp's batch file..


                  "\\myserver\software\landesk\remote_console\install\setup.exe" /s CORE=MYCORE


                  So basically the same as Slapp's, but without the extra parameters.  I left off the Product and the Language, because by default the language is English, and the product will be the Remote Console.  I also wound up copying the install files from the core to my software distribution share.