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    Unicode data displayed weird in Software inventory


      Hi LANdesk experts,


      I would need some helps here.

      Since we move to LDMS 9.5, we are seeing this issue where Japanese and Chinese characters are showned as "????" in Landesk's software inventory. This does not happen before when we were using LDMS 9.0 SP2. We recently replace the core server with 9.5 version.



      We run a inventory scan in the Japan PC and pipe the inventory result in a scan.txt file. We confirm that in that Japan PC, we are able to view the Japanese characters in the inventory scan result.

      Then we copy the scan result text file to the core server and open it in text editor, the Japanese characters in the file look good in core server too.


      This hints us that it might not related to the client language support or core server language support.


      I then renamed the inventory output file, scan.txt file to scan.scn and paste into the core server's ldscn folder. Wait for it to be processed into database.

      After that, I check the software inventory data again and found that the latest inventory data shows the Japanese characters correctly.


      If I right click on the device and select inventory scan > full sync, the inventory data will be overwriten and I will get the messed  "????" codes for Japanese characters. If I pasted the same SCN file into ldscn folder, I will get the correct characters and it goes on and on.


      Does anyone know how to fix this? Any other solution than to rebuild host?


      Your helps are much appreciated.