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    Error during deploy of Image Resize PowerToys. %1 is not a valid win32 application






      I am a newbie using Landesk 8.6. I need to do a general deploy of Image Resize power toy but I cannot achieve my goal.



      I created this package using the package builder.



      TITLE: "Software Installation"

      DEFAULTDIR: "C:\temp\Resize\", mindisk=10M, noaskdrive, noaskdir, text="The needed files will be copied to this folder and the run locally."

      FILE: "IMAGER~1.000", From="C:\packages\OneFile\ImageResizer.msi"

      RUNATEXIT: "c:\temp\Resize\ImageResizer.msi", para="/qn"



      RESIZE POWERTOY has been successfully installed onto your system.

      Please find in DANWAY the user manual to start working with it.




      I create the package and do the normal steps,...create a distribution package, delivery method and the new task. I only add my own computer to check the results and I get the following error



      landesk %1 is not a valid win32 application



      I checked and the file was copied but it couldnt be executed ... any suggestion?

      I checked in google that the error seems to be thrown by windows because blank space in the filename... but there are not any. I am lost.



      Thanks a lot in advance