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    Mac Agent Cloud Gateway

    georged Apprentice

      Can someone tell me how to install the mac agent on a machine off the network? I have a bunch of external laptops that need to have the agent installed. Also how do i tell if the agent is setup via the cloud gateway?



      i've seen some articles about manual installation via:


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          You need to get the <AgentConfigurationName>.mpkg.zip out of http://*coreserver*/ldlogon/mac/ and get it to those machines you want to install the agent on. Unzip the mpkg and run through the installer. It will require an administrative user/password to install this way. Then once the agent is installed you will have to run /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin/LANDesk Management Gateway.app to setup the CSA. Again you will need an administrative user/password to complete the CSA setup and a Management Suite user/pass.