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    calculations blank in email notifications starting with 7.6.1


      I have been trying all day to figure out why none of my new calculations will work in notification emails, yet work perfectly in report view and also in queries.  Then I realized some of my other calculations that have worked for months also stopped working in emails, but also still work on the report templates.  I checked, and the problem started with the 7.6.1 upgrade.  I have the hotfix 002 installed also.


      Any idea why my calculations don't work in notification emails only since upgrading to 7.6.1?  (they work everywhere else)



      Here is both my old date calculation and new note history calculation working in a web access report template on 7.6.1

      webaccess note report.PNG



      The next image shows two emails, the left is from 7.5 and right is from 7.6.1.  Notice my custom date calculation stopped working after the upgrade?


      created date missing.PNG