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    9.5 SP1 HII Lenovo drivers

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      I am working on migrating our provisioning process over to our new 9.5 SP1 core.  Previously, I had used an execute file action in the system configuration section to run the Lenovo Thininstaller for driver installation.  This required a separate template for our laptops as we were using HII to do our Intel based desktop machines.  I would like to use the HII in 9.5 to have one template for both our desktops and Lenovo laptops. 


      I downloaded the drivers from Lenovo's support site and tried to extract out the drivers from the exe downloaded with 7Zip and it did not extract to a useable form, ie. there were no inf's in the subfolders extracted. I could pull out the driver files by running the exe and getting the inf's from the folder the driver setup creates, but that seems like it would be more work to maintain than continuing using the Update Retriever/Thininstaller process.


      Is there a possibility that I could find a workable solution with Lenovo drivers and HII?  Anyone had any success with this?  Any other viable solutions?



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          I ran into the same thing with the current 2298E2U I am prepping for deploying a PC refresh - I did extract the drivers via the command line and used the HII db to "build the library" but I haven't gotten to the point of successful imaging and testing the drivers. Right now the issue I seem to be having is extremely slow data transfer attempting to deploy the image to the PC and am wondering if I should install the Lenovo driver NIC in the WinPE image.

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            davidg5700 Specialist

            After poking around a bit, I found that the latest version of Lenovo's Update Retriever will do the extraction of the drivers. 


            Roger, I've always used the Intel drivers for the 82577 family of adapters.  I've had no issue with slowness in transfers.

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              Yes I found also at the end of extraction you have the option to install or stop there. I had to redeploy my PXE as the previous PXE image was still on my PXE boot system... D'oh. I'm working through driver set up and HII right now but am close to a working deployment. The strange thing is if I used my HII image it blue screened on reboot, however if I PXE booted and manually mapped the drives and put the same image using ImageX (that blue screened on the PC) - it would boot fine and setup as it should (still requiring drivers of course) this was a little odd but I don't have time to work through that right now so I put the image off the machine in syprep mode and updated all patches, then recaptured in OOBE mode and it deploys and installs drivers fine.

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                For newer Lenovos such as the T530 Lenovo has a SCCM driver pack that you can download. These work great for me. A big thing that I ran into was that I had to add all of the MIME types for the file extensions of each driver. Without those, HII can't download the drivers during installation.

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                  I actually had 2 drivers that would not install for me either by building an executable or batch file installation. The ACPI and the USB3 drivers I ended up building a directory on the PC - copying all the contents, and launching the installer with the appropriate switches from there, then deleting the directories before I could get either of those to install. Both were executables that were extracted from the download. Not my preferred method but it's gotten all my drivers installed so I can carry on provisioning and work some more with UMA.

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                    I took a look at the SCCM pack and it looks like not all the driver versions are the current ones you can get individually.  Are you leaving the driver versions as they come out of the driver pack or are you running System Update in the system configuration pass?


                    Pardon my ignorance, but what needs to be done to add MIME types and why?


                    Thanks for your input.

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                      I didn't realize they weren't up to date eeek. However, the SCCM driver packs are simply the extracted contents after you run the exe that you get from the website. I think someone already mentioned this, but if you get the exe from Lenovo's website, you can run it, and although it seems it just installs the drivers it doesn't. The first part is it extracting the contents to a folder. You're then prompted to run the install after the extraction is complete. Simply uncheck the install now box and click finish. Make sure to take note where it extracts to (usually in a new folder under C:).


                      I then add this extracted folder to my HTTP site. I built the HTTP site through IIS. A MIME type is more or less a repository of file extensions. If the file extension isn't listed as a MIME type, you won't be able to download it via HTTP. A lot of the driver's files have odd extensions that aren't listed in IIS MIME types by default. If Landesk can't download all the files to the new machine, then HII will fail. I manually went through all the files and checked them to see if they were in there, and then added them if they weren't.


                      I attached a picture illustrating where in IIS I'm talking about. I can also send you my web.config file if you want. I assume that you can plop the web.config file into your drivers folder and that will add the MIME types that I've added. Even if that does work you'll still have to do some sifting through the file extensions. Note: I never added the bluetooth drivers to HII.


                      Hope this helps, I spent a ton of hours on HII and had many frustrations to get to where I'm at right now. It is fairly easy for me to add drivers for other machines now though.

                      Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 12.45.27 PM.png


                      It also might be best if you can get us the HIIHandler.log as well. This usually has some good info in it. It's under X:\ldprovision\ folder in WinPE

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