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    Query for Absolute Software Computrace?


      We are installing this program on some of our systems.  Has anyone designed a query for this software before? 

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          Hi Ryan


          Hopefully your question will get addressed here in the LANDesk community, or perhaps you might want to contact their support organization dorectly.


          It seems as though you are trying to either detect or deploy Absolute's Computrace product using LANDesk.  Just want to let you know that if you have any questions specific to the Computrace aspect of this, then Absolute's Global Support team would be happy to assist you at www.absolute.com/support, or alternatively you could try our own discussion forums at www.forums.absolute.com


          If it's specificlly the LANDesk product that you need help with, though, then I'm sure you're in the best place right here.



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            Absolute contacted me directly and discussed with me how to query for this program by file name.  If you need to no the file to query for, contact them directly and they will be happy to fill you in, but have asked I not publish the name directly.