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    Crystal reports advice




      Can one advise how to generate a crystal report for show all categories and how many calls are assigned to them within a time period and the ones that have not show with a 0 by the count?


      I have tried several things but it does not bring up the categories that have not had any calls assigned to them.



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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          You would need to be careful how you link your tables together.  Drag the link from the category table to the call table (important to do it that way) and then right-click on the arrow between the two and use a left outer join.  In my kind of language this join type means "always bring me the contents of the category table irrespective of whether there are corresponding records in the call table or not".


          Then you can drag in the category and callid into the report details, group it by category with a count on the callid, and hide the details section.