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    Remote Control corrupts window headings in OS X 10.5


      We have received several reports of Remote control corrupting the window heading graphics.


      This bug is easily duplicated on a Leopard Machine by following these steps:


      1.  Make sure your color depth is set to "millions".

      2.  Launch TextEdit.app

      3.  Change your color depth to "thousands"

      4.  Go to TextEdit.app and hit command-N to create a new window.

      5.  Notice the title bar is corrupt on the new window.


      Unfortunately there is not very much that LANDesk can do for you to resolve this issue as it is a bug within Leopard and not with the LANDesk Management Suite Software. It will manifest itself during a remote control session due to LANDesk changing the video settings to provide better performance to the person using the remote control viewer.


      Currently LANDesk is investigating the situation to see if some minor change can work around the issue.