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    Barcode CSV Import or Data Import


      In LDMS 9.5 and LDDA 9.5, I'm needing to import data into LDMS and into its SQL db to then use this data in dropdowns inside my DTS web forms.  What are the differences of or advantages of using the Barcode CSV Import option or the Data Import option for this import?

      (see attached pic of the two)


      Thanks in advance!

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          bnelson Employee

          Don't use either of those options....


          IN LDDA Create a new rule in run SQL Command. Name it something that denotes you are creating a table of information. In the example provided we are creating a table named ORG_TableData and a column named location and populating with listed data (Shelf-Wash, etc) When asked for the command to run use the following format:


          CREATE TABLE ORG_TableData (location varchar(255))


          INSERT INTO ORG_TableData


          VALUES ('Shelf - Wash')


          INSERT INTO ORG_TableData


          VALUES ('Shelf - 1600')


          INSERT INTO ORG_TableData


          VALUES ('Shelf - HQ')


          INSERT INTO ORG_TableData


          VALUES ('Build')


          INSERT INTO ORG_TableData


          VALUES ('Deploy')


          INSERT INTO ORG_TableData


          VALUES ('Dispose')


          • Now when selecting attributes to display on your web form you will select the "Use list of values" box.
          • Select "Link to a table in the database"
          • Provide table name
          • Provide column name
          • Point to the attribute this data should be linked to


          All done.